LADY AT THE BAT: Summer Saturday Ladybugs #6: The Pitching Edition

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Summer Saturday Ladybugs #6: The Pitching Edition

What's next for David Wells? Boomer was released by the Padres this week after, once again, wilting in the heat. My guess is he'll get picked up by another team willing to take a chance on what was once a rubber arm. If not, I'm afraid that, without the incentive of a job, David Wells will spend too much time living too high on the hog, and will end up very low in the ground very soon.

Who do the Padres want in place of Wells? Kei Igawa! San Diego claimed him off waivers this week and they have until Tuesday afternoon to work out a trade with the Yankees for him. So they'll go from a pitcher with no work ethic in Boomer, to Igawa, who works out like it's going out of style, running like a maniac both before and after his starts. Sounds like a wash to me.

Last night Eric Gagne and the Red Sox bullpen imploded. Joba Chamberlain and the Yankee bullpen were outstanding! I know, it was only one game, but it'll be interesting to see if this keeps up. Even if it doesn't keep up I'm glad the Yankees didn't trade Joba for Gagne. Like I've said before, why give up the future just to rent a Scott Boras client for two months?

Joba pitched the 7th and 8th innings last night, setting things up for Mariano Rivera to take over in the 9th. Yankee players who were on the team in 1996 were reminded of how, back then, Rivera pitched the 7th and 8th innings, setting things up for closer John Wetteland. Could we be seeing a return of the six inning game? Stay tuned!

Speaking of Mariano Rivera, I don't hear anyone saying he's finished anymore. No more "The Yankees need to get rid of Mo." After starting the season with a 12.15 ERA, he's gotten it down to 2.77 and has succesfully converted 18 save opportunities. Talking to The New York Times about the annual early-season speculation about his ability, Rivera said, "It happens every year so I don't get offended." He's absolutely right. He's still got it and it's still too soon to stop saying, "Gotta go to Mo."

Enjoy the weekend!

The Lady

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