LADY AT THE BAT: Summer Saturday Ladybugs #7

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer Saturday Ladybugs #7

Congratulations, Carlos Zambrano! Big Z finally has his new deal, a $91.5 million 5-year contract extension. Does this mean he'll temper his temper now? Even if he does, I'll never be able to remove from my mind that image of him earlier this season during a brawl, his shirt unbuttoned, looking as if he were ready to take his belt off and give somebody on the field a whippin'.

Does Jermaine Dye also have a new contract extension? Reports are that he and the White Sox have agreed to a $22 million 2-year extension. If it's true, it makes a lot more sense than trading him to the Red Sox as the Chisox tried to do before the trading deadline. Now, that was just pure greed on the Red Sox's part.

Speaking of Red Sox greed, Eric Gagne blew another save last night. Here's a team with the best bullpen back end in baseball, with Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon. I guess young Theo Epstein's never heard the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Arizona pitcher Brandon Webb has now thrown 42 scoreless innings, including three straight shutouts. Wonderful. He's finally starting to pitch like a Cy Young Award winner, after winning the award last year with fewer than 20 wins.

One more tidbit from the Windy City: Ozzie Guillen expects to manage the White Sox for 20 years. Twenty years???? Can you keep your foot in your mouth for that long, Ozzie?

Enjoy the weekend!

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