LADY AT THE BAT: Who ARE They Going To Replace Him With?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who ARE They Going To Replace Him With?

Mike Mussina's flippant response to a question by a New York Times reporter the other day ("Who are they going to replace me with?") reminded me why I hate watching his postgame interviews so much. Either he talks in a monotone and says virtually nothing, or he makes one of his "I graduated from Stanford, I'm too smart for you" remarks, as he did to the Times reporter.

Well, after last night's 16-0 blowout, in which Moose gave up 6 runs in three innings, it's time to start thinking about an answer to Mussina's rhetorical question. I had said last week that it'd be better to keep Mussina in the rotation than to replace him with Kei Igawa. Now I think not. What can Mussina do that Igawa can't? At this point, nothing!

So, I've changed my mind. It's The Lady's prerogative! Put Moose in the bullpen (or on the DL) and put Kei Igawa back into the rotation.

The Lady

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