LADY AT THE BAT: HGH Then But Who Cares Now?

Monday, September 10, 2007

HGH Then But Who Cares Now?

Jay Gibbons is the latest (and certainly not the last) player whose purchase of HGH has been revealed by the media. Rick Ankiel and Troy Glaus bought theirs before the substance was banned by MLB. Gibbons apparently got his after the ban went into affect.

If these guys are shaking in their cleats, they're idiots. What's the worst that can happen? They'll get a talking to and will be asked if they know who else is taking any performance-enhancing drugs. That's all, because although HGH was banned, no test was approved to catch players in the act. This all comes down to one thing: the media trying to make up for what it should have done years ago, instead of ignoring their suspicions. The Yankees are leading the AL Wild Card right now, but a few days ago, when I expected to see A-Rod on the back page of the New York Daily News, Rick Ankiel's face was there instead. I can understand a story about Ankiel, but a back page picture? Come on.

Until there's an approved test for HGH, I don't care about this issue, and I doubt anyone else does either.

The Lady

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