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Friday, September 21, 2007

Okay, Which Is Best?

Yankee announcer Michael Kay brought up an interesting topic on his radio show yesterday: Both the Red Sox and Mets are in danger of monumental collapses. If you're a Yankee fan, which collapse would you prefer to see?

Kay likes to think of himself as a personal friend of Willie Randolph, often mentioning how much he likes Randolph and that he knows Randolph's wife, Gretchen. Though he claims he hasn't been a Yankee fan since he started his professional career, one of the biggest lies of all time, he said that if he were a Yankee fan, he'd have a hard time rooting against the Mets because of his relationship with Randolph. In fact, ever since the calls for Randolph's firing began earlier this week, Kay has done nothing but defend Randolph, sounding, at times, like a teenager afflicted with a boyhood crush. One of the show's callers actually accused him of not being objective when it came to Randolph, and Kay admitted that it was true. He said he could not be a robot.

I've always been a big fan of Willie Randolph and was so happy for him when he got the Mets job after being turned down so many other times by other teams. However, as a resident of New York City who lived through both the 1986 and 2000 World Series, and who rubs shoulders with Met fans almost every single day, I would love to see the New York Mets fall out of first place and out of playoff contention. Yeah, it would be terrible for Randolph, but I can live with that. Sorry, Willie.

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