LADY AT THE BAT: Sorry, Maggs, A-Rod's The One

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sorry, Maggs, A-Rod's The One

If there was any doubt about who should be the AL MVP, it was settled last night in the seventh inning during the Yankees' 10-2 rout of the Seattle Mariners. After returning from getting an MRI on his rolled over ankle, Alex Rodriguez talked his way into the line-up and proceeded to hit two home-runs in that seventh inning, erasing, in my mind anyway, any thoughts of anyone other than him being the League MVP.

These are the kinds of things A-Rod has done all season. When his team needs it most, he picks them up, straps them on his back and takes off. Last night was one of those times. Trailing 2-1 and in danger of having their Wild Card lead dwindle to to just one game, he picked up his team once again and went to work.

If it were not for Alex Rodriguez the Yankee season would have been over by the beginning of May.

No one really knows if he's having such a magical year because he's decided to opt out or because of some other reason. Whatever the reason, the debate needs to end now. Alex Rodriguez is the 2007 American League Most Valuable Player.

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