LADY AT THE BAT: What Happened To The Family Plan?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Happened To The Family Plan?

Roger Clemens will have an MRI on his right elbow today and will probably miss his next start. Gee, thanks, Rocket. Now Mike Mussina goes back into the rotation. Lovely. Just lovely. Clemens was rocked in yesterday's 7-1 loss to the Mariners, and things didn't get any better when Moose came in in relief. The only bright spot in the game (if Yankee fans can call it that) was Ichicro reaching 200 hits for the seventh straight season.

The Yankees are in the playoff race, but they've done it almost in spite of Roger Clemens. The Carpetbagger From Katy has been, for the most part, just what I thought he was going to be: a help but not a savior. I will say one good thing, however, about Roger Clemens. After all the talk about the Family Plan, he hasn't once taken advantage of it. I know many people would say it's because he knows the media is waiting for him to do it so they can jump all over it. But I'm not so sure. He's pretty much his own man. If he really wanted to take off at any point this season he'd have done it. It just makes me shake my head when I see that the media is ignoring the fact that Clemens has been around the team everyday since he first reported.

In other news: Andy Philips will have season-ending wrist surgery, so it looks like Wilson Betamit will get more playing time. Trading Scott Proctor looks pretty good right about now; Pedro Martinez returned to the Mets rotation and promptly recorded his 3,000th Big League strikeout. The Mets won that game against the Reds, but let's wait and see if Pedro will really be a force for the Metropolitans down the stretch; Carlos Zambrano hasn't won a game since signing his big new contract a few weeks ago. Now he's criticizing the fans for booing him. Big Z, one of the trade offs for making outrageous sums of money for throwing a baseball is to be booed by the fans. So, please, just shut up and pitch.

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