LADY AT THE BAT: Are You Looking, Yet?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Are You Looking, Yet?

A few weeks ago I placed them in my Don't Look Now File. No one except the Colorado Rockies themselves seemed to believe they could get into the playoffs, much less go up 2-0 on their first-round opponent. (Two days ago I actually said they just got lucky .) Surprise, surprise! With Kaz Matsui's grand slam last night, they're in position to complete a three-game sweep of the best-of-five series when they return to Colorado this weekend. So, are you looking yet? If not, I think you'd better start.

In other playoff news: I worked a swing shift yesterday, so I missed the entire Yankees-Indians game. However, as the night shift people began to arrive at the office I began to feel the relief of missing it. They filled me in on all the gory details of the Indians' rout. As for the Cubs, they have no fans at my job, so I didn't find out about their loss until I got home. Have we seen the last of Big Z for the season?

The Lady

[Photo: Drew Hallowell/Getty Images]

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