LADY AT THE BAT: Breaking News: Bugs Attack Lion!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Breaking News: Bugs Attack Lion!

Joba Chamberlain must have been wishing he were wearing his Cowardly Lion Costume last night. It just might have provided some protection from the swarm of midges that attacked him in the 8th inning.

I can't even get off this bug thing long enough to be bummed out about the Yankees going down 0-2 in the series. Midges? I've never even heard of them before! Well, at least they weren't chiggers. While a midge is really just a nuisance (unless it's a biting midge and so far, I've not heard anything about Joba being bitten), chiggers, on the other hand, are very dangerous, and if you don't take action as soon as you've been bitten, there's very, very little you can do for relief. How do I know all of this? A friend of mine was bitten by chiggers a few months ago during a hike we were on. She still has not completely recovered.

In other playoff news: If things keep going the way they're going in this first playoff round, we'll know the ALCS matchups by the end of the night tomorrow. They won't, though. The Cubs will be eliminated today but I think the Phillies will live for another day. I can't see the Angels being swept either and I think Roger Clemens will pitch his best game of the year tomorrow night.

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