LADY AT THE BAT: A Few Words About Suzyn Waldman's Latest Emotional Outburst

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Few Words About Suzyn Waldman's Latest Emotional Outburst

"Every person was so busy ripping me for crying, they didn't hear what I was saying. ... If I got choked up doing it, so what?" Those were Yankee reporter and commentator Suzyn Waldman's words yesterday. She spoke to Neil Best of Newsday about the criticism she received for tearing up during her clubhouse report after the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs earlier this week.

I missed that report and I've been too busy to listen to Mike & The Mad Dog on WFAN, who, I hear, dished out most of the criticism of Waldman's latest on-air emotional outburst. So, they're at it again. Mike Francessa and Chris Russo, two of the most unprofessional on-air personalities in New York radio history, have the f______g nerve to go after a woman who helped put WFAN on the map? Suzyn Waldman was the first voice anyone ever heard on WFAN when it went on the air back in the '80s. She, along with Francessa and Russo, helped put that station on the map. However, those two guys stop at nothing in their quest to undermine her, wanting all the credit for the stations' success for themselves. To borrow from ESPN's Mike & Mike in The Morning, "Hey Mike and Chris: Just shut up!"

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