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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Girardi's Coaching Staff

From Peter Abraham's LoHud Yankees Blog: Joe Girardi seems to be finalizing his 2008 coaching staff. Nothing's been announced yet, but it looks like his staff will be comprised of:

Pitching: Dave Eiland

Hitting: Kevin Long

Bench: Rob Thomson

Third Base: Bobby Meacham

First Base/Catching: Tony Pena

Bullpen: Mike Harkey

Bobby Meacham as Third Base Coach? Wow, that's going dig up some interesting Yankee memories. As I recall, when Meacham played short stop for the Yankees back in the mid '80s, he and Dale Berra were both trying to score on an extra base hit. Berra was the lead runner, and Meacham was so anxious to score that he actually passed Berra on the base paths. Of course, both runners were called out.

I also remember Meacham doing something so egregious to George Steinbrenner that The Boss sent him down to the minors for it. I don't remember what it was that Meacham did, but I do remember that it was so bad that triple A wasn't enough of a punishment. Meacham was sent to double A.

Meacham won't have Big Stein to fear this time around, and judging from what I've heard from Hank Steinbrenner so far, I think he'll be able to hold his own.

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