LADY AT THE BAT: Kenny Lofton: All Over The Dang Place!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kenny Lofton: All Over The Dang Place!

You've seen that DHL commercial featuring Kenny Lofton's equipment, right? Both Lofton and the equipment are mentioned but Lofton isn't actually in the commercial. I've always wondered whether or not he was paid for the commercial, since all they do in it is talk about him. I still don't know the answer to that, but I do know that he's been in the postseason 11 times, the latest being with the Cleveland Indians, his third tour of duty with them.

If I've counted right, Lofton has played in the Big Leagues for 12 organizations and has worn out his welcome on just about all of them. However, the man can play. He's a good hitter and fielder and an absolute pest on the base paths. While he can be an ornery kevetch, he's still valuable enough that teams want him on their rosters for their stretch runs.

Lofton spoke to Jack Curry of the New York Times about the DHL commercial: “I looked at it as they’re just showing this guy has been all over the place. The worst part about it, I mean, not the worst part about it. But the bad thing, or not the bad thing, but it’s true. That’s what makes it not a bad thing. I mean, shoot, I’ve been all over the dang place.” Great comment!

Lofton's Indians didn't look so good against the Red Sox last night. I have a feeling he'll miss out, once again, on getting that elusive World Series Ring.

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[Photo: Amy Sancetta/AP]

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