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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lady, You Are Crazy!

This past Spring, shortly after I started this blog, I predicted this season's division winners and wild card representatives. I dutifully posted links to the entire series of posts, entitled Lady's Choice, on A die-hard Mets fan saw my prediction that the Mets would finish fourth in the division and in the Yardbarker comments section, he declared: "Lady, you are crazy!" He went on to "prove" how ridiculous all my predictions were, confidently explaining why the New York Mets would finish first and go on to win the World Series.

Well, who's crazy now? I guess we both are, because while I did pick the Mets to miss the playoffs, they didn't finish fourth. In fact, as far as division winners and wild cards go, I only got one pick right. Here's how it all breaks down (my original picks are in parentheses):

AL East: Red Sox (Yankees)
AL Central: Indians (Tigers)
AL West: Angels (ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!)
AL Wild Card: Yankees (Red Sox)

NL East: Phillies (Braves)
NL Central: Cubs (Cardinals)
NL West: Diamondbacks (Giants)
NL Wild Card: Rockies (Phillies)

So, the second season begins today. Who will advance to the LCS? The Angels are banged up and, I hate to say it but, Sabathia and Carmona scare me. Arizona is not for real and the Rockies just got lucky. It will be the Red Sox and Indians in the ALCS and the Phillies and Cubs in the NLCS.

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