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Monday, October 8, 2007

Living For Another Day

It turns out I was wrong about Roger Clemens. He didn't pitch the best game of his season. His hamstring prevented it. But the Yankees are still alive and not because of anything George Steinbrenner said, or was attributed to have said. Fair weather fans and non-baseball fans, listen up (or, read up): Just because a baseball owner tells his team they have to win does not mean they will win. Baseball is not football or basketball. You're only as good as that day's pitcher. I'm so tired of hearing otherwise. Put a lid on it, already!

Chien-Ming Wang will face Paul Byrd tonight in game 4. Why Eric Wedge is not using CC Sabathia is a mystery to me. But then again, you're only as good as that day's pitcher, and maybe tonight Byrd will fly high.

In other playoff news: Curt "I Care So Much" Schilling came through again in a postseason game yesterday. Why wouldn't he? He loves it when he gets all the attention, and what better way to get it all than by pitching in a series clinching game? Afterward, the Red Sox celebrated as if they'd just won the World Series. I didn't know champagne was part of a Division Series celebration. Totally ridiculous.

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