LADY AT THE BAT: Lou Piniella: The Next Steve Bartman?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lou Piniella: The Next Steve Bartman?

If the Cubs end up losing the 2007 NLDS, their fans will have yet another receptacle to place their blame into: Lou Piniella. Granted, it's not the same as Steve Bartman or a goat, but it'll be hell for the Cub manager all the same.

Thinking ahead to game 4, in which Carlos Zambrano will pitch on short rest, Piniella removed Zambrano after 6 innings and fewer than 90 pitches. Shortly after that the Cubs lost the game. Short rest? It's the postseason, Lou. Who cares about short rest? I'm sure Big Z doesn't care.

Piniella had better hope Zambrano comes through in game 4 or, that there even is a game 4. Otherwise Steve Bartman's nightmare will finally be over.

The Lady

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