Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So, What?

The Red Sox are down 3-1 and are on the brink of elimination now.

So, what?

I'm not being a bitter Yankee fan here. Okay yeah, I am. But what I really mean by "so what" is that we've seen this story before. The Red Sox were down 3-1 in 2004, remember? Plus, they have Josh Beckett pitching for them tomorrow. Beckett has established himself as one of the best, if not the best, postseason pitcher in baseball history.

On the other hand, there are rumors that Beckett is nursing some kind of injury (according to WFAN's Mike & The Mad Dog), and, for that reason, didn't pitch in last night's game. If he's really hurt, the Jacobs Field grounds crew can start painting the World Series logo behind home plate.

The Lady

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Unknown said...

It was really hard not to be a bitter yankees fan watching the game last night. Especially when the BoSox imploded last night. That was sweet, sweet, sweet. That being said, I'm keeping quiet about the Sox being eliminated until they lose number 4. I don't want to tempt fate.