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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tickets, Tickets, Get Your Diamondback Playoff Tickets!

With the NLCS starting tonight comes news that Games 1 and 2 (being played at Arizona) have not sold out. This isn't a big deal in Arizona. It's happened before. But, why?

Managing general partner Ken Kendrick thinks tonight's game will sell out, but he claims that one of the reasons for slow ticket sales is that Arizona's market ranks last in per-capita income in Major League Baseball. Arizona? I can't believe this is true! I've never spent any substantial time in Arizona, aside from a walk around the rim of the Grand Canyon, but from what I've heard, it can hardly be classified as one of the poorer states. Where is Kendrick getting his information?

As for the series itself, I really love the feel-good story that is the Colorado Rockies. Brandon Webb should beat them tonight, but I think they'll prevail by series end. Rock on!

The Lady

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