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Friday, October 19, 2007

Torre Finally Speaks

Joe Torre just held a press conference at the Hilton-Rye Town in Rye Brook, NY. Aired on just about every local NY channel, the now former Yankee manager had a lot to say. Out of everything he said, here's what stood out for me:

  • The contract incentives were an insult to him. He didn't think any motivation was needed, plus it would have ended up putting extra pressure on his players, who'd be playing for their manager's job. Also, if someone wants you for a job, he said, but they take two weeks to offer it to you, you're suspicious.
  • His only regret in the twelve years he managed the Yankees: not taking the team off the field when the bugs attacked in Cleveland!
  • Regarding managing again, he said it would depend on the job, but he'll listen to any club who wants to talk to him right now.
  • When he went down to Tampa yesterday, he felt there were one or two people in the room that wanted him to come back. One was Brian Cashman. He declined to give a second name.
  • He felt that George Steinbrenner did not go out of his way to make his comments to The Bergen Record during the ALDS. The Boss didn't seek out the media to criticize Torre. He actually said he felt Steinbrenner was "nudged" a little bit into making the statements.
  • When asked how he thought Steinbrenner looked physically when he saw him in Tampa yesterday, Torre said "I found him to be the same as he was the last couple of times I'd seen him."

The last comment, about Steinbrenner's physical condition, is very telling, in my opinion. What about the times before the last couple of times he saw him? Hmmmmmm...

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