LADY AT THE BAT: Goodbye Torii, Hello Melky?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Goodbye Torii, Hello Melky?

Now that Torii Hunter has packed his bags for LA, the Twins need a solid replacement for him in centerfield. Could Melky Cabrera be the answer?

Cabrera's name has come up as a possible component in a deal that could send Johan Santana to the Yankees. The Twins are excellent evaluators of talent and wanting Melky shows just how true that is.

Melky Cabrera is widely considered to be the spark that ignited the Yankee Youth Movement during the 2007 season. His antics like the one in the picture above are what helped keep a team that was in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time in 12 years, stay loose and just play their game.

I remember listening to a radio show shortly after the All Star Break, during which one announcer, a Yankee fan, teased his co-host, a Met fan, saying something like, "What, you're all bummed out because Melky Cabrera's doing cartwheels in the Yankee dugout and no one's doing them in the Met dugout?"

Getting Johan Santana would be a major triumph for the Yankees. I'd welcome him with open arms, but I'd still miss seeing Melky's "cartwheels" in the Yankee dugout.

The Lady

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Right now all the Twins fans are bummed but resigned to the fate that our Ace will most likely leave us. The papers are full of the bidding war between BoSox and Yankees. We will need a pitcher and the 3B would be fantastic also.