LADY AT THE BAT: How Does Boras Do It?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

How Does Boras Do It?

Peter Abraham has some interesting things to say today about Alex Rodriguez and Scott Boras. A-Rod, he says should get the blame for Boras' World Series opt-out announcement. A-Rod is his employer and, as such, is the one calling the shots.

That's the way it's supposed to be, of course. So, why do so many players have so much trouble giving orders to Scott Boras? Yankee announcer Michael Kay once mentioned on his radio show that he posed the following question to Scott Boras: "Suppose I hired you as my agent. What would it entail?" Boras told Kay that he'd have to be willing to give him total control of his career. Kay would have to put his absolute trust in Boras and never interfere with what he was doing.

Kay didn't elaborate, but I wondered: Does Boras get something in writing on this from the player? Is that why players seem to be led around on leashes by him?

Actually, there are a few players out there who've mustered the courage to stand up to Boras: Abraham mentions Ron Villone. Kay has talked about how Andruw Jones finally signed with the Braves after his father sat him down and said, "Forget Boras, who do you want to play for?" Finally, there's the, now famous, late night phone call Bernie Williams made to George Steinbrenner while on the verge of signing that Boras-brokered Red Sox deal.

So, it can be done! Scott Boras is human after all.

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