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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Off Their Rockers?

While a defensive youth movement seems to be starting on the baseball diamond, the old guard appears to be hanging tight. Greg Maddux won his 17th Gold Glove award yesterday, making him the player with the most gold gloves in Major League history. Now there's also news that Maddux and the Padres have agreed on a
$10 million deal for the 2008 season

Then there's the matter of Curt "I Care So Much" Schilling. After his "goodbye letter" to Red Sox Nation and after he listed all the teams he'd like to pitch for on his blog, he and the Red Sox agreed to a deal for next year worth $8 million, with $3 million in potential bonuses. One of the bonuses is $1 million if he receives a Cy Young vote. Baseball writer Peter Abraham thinks this might be unethical. He explains why on his blog.

While you may disagree about whether or not Maddux and Schilling are off their rockers, you have to agree that retired players Matt Williams and Ismael Valdez are cringing in theirs. There seems to be proof that they bought steroids at that clinic in Florida currently under investigation. But cringe is all that they'll do. Other than embarrassment, there's nothing else that can happen to them.

Rock on, guys!

The Lady

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