LADY AT THE BAT: Rays Of Hope?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Rays Of Hope?

The Devil Rays are now The Rays. Their logo is now the one on the left, with the little sunburst on it.

According to, the sunburst invokes "the magnificence of life in the Sunshine State." It invokes a lack of competitiveness too, if you ask me.

Tampa Bay has been one of the worst teams in baseball since its inception. At least with the word "devil" in their title, you get the impression that they're ready to do battle, or something. A sunburst suggests nothing but a day at the beach to me.

As some of you know, I'm also a fashion blogger. When I read about the way the Rays introduced their new logo and uniforms I couldn't help thinking about fashion shows I've attended, at which designers unveiled brand new collections:

Players and coaches "modelled" the new uniforms.

There was live music (albeit, from Kevin Costner and his band).

Sounding like a fashion editor, BJ Upton said, "Love the colors. They're just classic...."

Manager Joe Madden sounded like he could have been the designer: He talked about the "simple elegance" of the uniforms and said they "can stand the test of time because they're not real busy...."

Fashion shows and days at the beach: Yeah, that'll get Tampa Bay out of the cellar.

The Lady


Unknown said...

The rays? Like sun rays? The little sunburst is special. That being said, the devil rays was a cool name, after a cool animal. The Rays? not so much.

Anonymous said...

I was taken to your site after doing an image search for the Rays logo. I love your comment "It invokes a lack of competitiveness too, if you ask me". Change seems to bring some teams good luck. The NFL Bengals were horrible in the 70's then went to the Super Bowl once the season they changed their uniforms. I think the Broncos finally won one after changing theirs. The Tampa Bay Bucs ended 15 years of losing when they changed their uniforms in the mid 90's. But yeah, DEVIL Rays sounds better.