LADY AT THE BAT: Two Stars Going In Opposite Directions

Friday, November 16, 2007

Two Stars Going In Opposite Directions

Barry Bonds is going down, as fast as a juiced-up water balloon. Alex Rodriguez is going up, as fast as his private jet will allow him to. Two men whose names will be forever linked to home-run chases could not have had days more different from each other yesterday.

Bonds has been the victim of a witch hunt, but I could care less. He brought it on himself. Barry, this is what happens to you when you have the attitude you have. People don't like you and they'll do anything and everything to bring you down. You're a modern day Al Capone. They couldn't get Capone on racketeering but they got him on tax evasion. They couldn't indict you on steroids use but they did indict you on perjury and obstruction. So there.

The best thing Alex Rodriguez did this week was crawl back to the Yankees. The Yankees and their stage are the best place to break the all-time career home run record. Assuming that he'll stay healthy, he'll definitely break it in a Yankee uniform.

In other postseason news:

  • The Yankees are apparently also looking to sign 2007 World Series MVP Mike Lowell. The experts are saying this is a bad move and I agree. Lowell is a Fenway Park hitter, and you have to stop and wonder why the Red Sox aren't willing to pay Lowell as much as the Yankees would pay him. What do they know that the Yankees don't? Is this Johnny Damon all over again?
  • Does the Yankee Captain owe back taxes? The New York State Division of Taxation and Finance is arguing that Derek Jeter had a residence in the state during 2001-03 and, as such, should have paid taxes. He's fighting it, of course. This news comes out now, when no one is likely to notice it? Wow, what a charmed life that guy leads.

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