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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What About Guidry?

There's video of Joe Torre's first Dodger press conference on in which he says the following:

"I'd like to take this opportunity, as we're putting our coaching staff together, to say that we do have two coaches in the fold: Larry Bowa and Don Mattingly, who follow me from New York."

So, Bowa and Mattingly are headed to LA with Torre. Pena is staying with the Yankees. Where does that leave Ron Guidry? Joe Girardi is expected to choose Dave Eiland as his pitching coach. Will Guidry end up in LA? If so, why the delay in announcing it?

Yankees fans bombarded sportstalk radio all season long with complaints of how bad a pitching coach they thought Ron Guidry was. In the previous season there were rumors that some pitchers were getting help elsewhere. The only pitcher who seemed to thrive under Guidry's tutelage was Chien-Ming Wang. Many believe that Guidry helped Wang to develop into a pitcher in the true sense of the word, incorporating, among other things, a slider into his arsenal.

If Guidry is out as Yankee pitching coach will he pull a Yogi Berra? After being fired as manager years ago he refused to be associated with the Yankees in any manner. Before he took the Dodgers job, Joe Torre seemed reluctant to return in any ceremonial capacity. Don Mattingly seems to have left the ceremonial door open, but since he's now a Dodgers coach, he won't be walking through that door anytime soon. The Yankees pride themselves on showing off their icons. With Guidry, Torre, and Mattingly gone, the list of icons to parade around the Stadium has grown very short. Will it ever be longer again?

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