LADY AT THE BAT: Dukes & Milledge Are Teammates!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dukes & Milledge Are Teammates!

Elijah Dukes was traded to the Washington Nationals yesterday. The troubled outfielder joins another troubled outfielder recently traded to the Nats, Lastings Milledge. Dukes and Milledge together. On the same team. In Washington, DC. Am I the only one that sees a potential for trouble here?

I might be out of touch right now and things in Washington might not be as bad as they were years ago. I only know that several members of my family who have lived there over the years have had problems with the law; some with one side of it, some with the other side. Both of these young men are extremely talented and have bright futures in the Major Leagues. However, they've both had their legal troubles off the field, and dressing them up in the same uniform and plunking them down in the Nation's Capitol might be prove to be a bad mix. Too many distractions for two young men who seem to have trouble being good citizens off the field.

Let's hope I'm wrong. Good luck, guys.

The Lady


Unknown said...

These two AND Dimitri Young on the same team. Who knows, they may be good for each other? I'm all for the Nats giving them a second chance.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about Dimitri Young! Well, he got through 2007 without any hiccups so, perhaps things will work out for Dukes and Milledge, too.