LADY AT THE BAT: LaTroy Hawkins? Lol!

Monday, December 10, 2007

LaTroy Hawkins? Lol!

It looks as if veteran pitcher LaTroy Hawkins will sign a one-year $3.75 million deal with the Yankees. Well, at least it's only one year.

Except for this past year, I don't ever remember being impressed with LaTroy Hawkins. In fact, every time I've heard his name mentioned, I've laughed out loud. Every time. I think it goes back to that perfect game pitched by David Wells. Hawkins was the opposing pitcher for the Twins in that game and I remember the defeated look on his face as his offense failed to get anything started against Boomer.

Hopefully Yankee fans won't see that look on his face too often in 2008. Good luck, Mr Hawkins.

The Lady

[Photo: Pensinger/Getty]

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ETVal said...

We are in agreement on Hawkins. At least it's just for one year, and the Yanks don't lose any draft picks.