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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Michael Kay Knows How To Throw A Party

Well readers, your Lady was lucky enough to score an invite to the 2nd annual Michael Kay Show Christmas Party! The festivities were held last night at Blondies East here in New York City. I wasn't there representing this blog or in any other official capacity. I was just one of the lucky listeners chosen to attend. For that, I'm truly grateful.

When it comes to celebrities or any kind of media personality I have a tendency to get really nervous and to clam up. It was no different last night as I felt as if my tongue had been ripped out of my mouth. I was so nervous that I was afraid to adjust my camera, whose flash wasn't working properly. I was thinking, What if I mess the camera up entirely? I left it alone and, as you can see in the slide show below, things look pretty dim and grim at the party.

The Michael Kay Show Christmas Party 2007

But it really wasn't dim and grim! Michael Kay and the show's other regulars (Don LaGrecca, Joey Salvia and Christina Stoffo) were really nice and took the time to chat with and pose for pictures with anyone who walked up to them. Joey even gave kudos to the blog! 1050 ESPN Radio provided an open bar and gave everyone a little gift pack as well.

My friend Paula, whom I brought as my guest, also attended last year's party. She told me that this year's party was even bigger than last year's. Paula actually won a pair of Knicks tickets for being brave and singing the show's theme song in front of everyone. I'll be going with her to the game on Monday night. Too bad it's the 2007-08 Knicks and not one of the good teams from the '90s.

The Lady

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