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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Mitchell Report: Even More Fallout!

I attended the Knicks game last night at The Garden and witnessed another blow-out, this one at the hands of the Indiana Pacers, specifically Mike Dunleavy, who scored a career high 36 points, 27 of them in the second half.

Towards the end of that second half a fan sitting near me, obviously looking for a way to entertain himself, started chanting "Let's Go Yankees!" A man sitting in his row retorted, "Let's Go Steroids!" He then said, "That whole team is using steroids!"

This seems to be the sentiment on various message boards and "anti-Yankee" blogs I've visited. Yankee haters would love for this to be true, but it's ridiculous. So, it wasn't the money that won the Yankees the championships after all? It was really performance enhancing drugs? Come on. If the whole Yankee team is using (or has used) steroids, so is every member of every other team in Major League Baseball.

While I don't believe the whole Yankee team was using steroids, I do believe Roger Clemens was. If he's waited this long to address the issue, I think it's safe to say The Mitchell Report is probably correct as far as he's concerned. The only things he's said so far are "I'm not talking to y'all about it," and, "We'll handle this our way." Well, Rocket, you'd better hope and pray that your way is the right way.

The Lady

[Photo: Theodorakis/News]

Update: Clemens released another statement this afternoon, again through his agent, again denying the use of steroids. Come on Roger, stop hiding behind your agent.

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