LADY AT THE BAT: Pettitte & Clemens: The Fallout Continues

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pettitte & Clemens: The Fallout Continues

Now that Andy Pettitte has admitted using HGH, what will happen? While some members of the media have rejected his statement (among them, Peter Abraham and Mike Lupica), I'm not inclined to do the same. Pettitte apologized and I accept it. Abraham and Lupica are paid to pick things apart and (whether they want to admit it or not) to help sell newspapers. They're grabbing at straws at this point.

How will this affect his very close friend Roger Clemens? Will he admit anything or continue to have his lawyer vehemently deny everything? The more he continues to hide behind his lawyer, the more guilty he looks in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez answers questions about steroids on 60 Minutes tonight. I'm sure Jose Canseco is waiting with baited breath for that interview.

The Lady

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Unknown said...

You know, Pettite admitted, apologized, and I think he told the truth. What I'm more interested is what Clemens is going to do. As for A-Rod....the dude says dumb stuff, does dumb stuff, but if he did take steroids and went on 60 minutes, says he never did, and then it comes out he did? He's not that stupid.