LADY AT THE BAT: Tiger Mauling At Winter Meetings

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tiger Mauling At Winter Meetings

So while everyone else was focusing on Johan Santana and where he'll play in 2008, the Detroit Tigers swooped in at Nashville late yesterday and completed a deal with Florida that brings highly coveted 3B Miguel Cabrera to Detroit along with The D-train, Dontrelle Willis.

If you didn't think the Tigers should be taken seriously before this trade, you'd better start changing your thinking. They already have a great lineup and Cabrera puts them closer to the top. I'm not sure how Willis will do in the American League, but being part of a solid Tigers rotation shouldn't hurt him any.

The American League is now even stronger. This move just brings more truth to what I said back in September: Those weaker sisters in the Senior Circuit can't hold a candle to the American League. Teams in the AL continue to work on being competitive because they know the Yankees and the Red Sox are that much better. Perhaps the day will soon come when everyone will be adding a third or even a fourth team to that list. We might be saying, "...they know the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Tigers and the Angels are that much better."

The Lady

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