LADY AT THE BAT: Chuck, Where Are Your Manners?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chuck, Where Are Your Manners?

Chuck Knoblauch needs some coaching from Miss Manners (right). How could he not respond to an invitation? Where is his etiquette?

All kidding aside, Knoblauch failed to respond when Congress invited him to give a deposition, so now he's been subpoenaed. Why did he let this happen? Probably because he wants no part of public life anymore. His last agent hasn't spoken to him in "a number of years." In fact, when the Mitchell Report came out last month, no one knew where to find Knoblauch. Well, now we all know where he is (in a manner of speaking) and pretty soon we'll find out what, if anything, he has to say.

The Lady

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Todd Drew said...

Meet with a congressional committee? My mother always told me to stay away from crooks. Chuck’s mother probably told him the same thing.