LADY AT THE BAT: Thank you, Baseball Hall Of Fame

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thank you, Baseball Hall Of Fame

The National Baseball Hall Of Fame has saved me from tearing my hair out. That was exactly what I was going to do if I had to write another post about Roger Clemens. Instead, it's all about Rich Gossage.

It looks like the HOF is finally acknowledging that relievers deserve to be enshrined. Poor Goose had to wait nine years for this and it was totally unfair.

As a Yankee fan I'll always remember Gossage in pinstripes, but Goose played for eight other teams in his twenty-two year career, including the San Diego Padres. During this time he accumulated 310 saves, for many of which he pitched more than two innings. Mariano Rivera would be long-retired if he'd pitched that often.

He'll be inducted with his Padres manager, Dick Williams. There should be lots of laughs on July 27 when images of those old Padre uniforms pop up.

Congratulations Goose.

The Lady

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