LADY AT THE BAT: Arbitration For Chien-Ming Wang?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Arbitration For Chien-Ming Wang?

According to Peter Abraham, the Yankees and Chien-Ming Wang appear to be headed toward arbitration. Wang's agent is asking for $4.6 million for 2008 and the Yankees are offering $4 million.

Why would the Yankees be at odds with Wang over less than $1 million? I would think it would be easy enough to settle somewhere between the two figures, or even to just give him the $4.6 million. Were they that disappointed in his playoff performance?

Now Wang will sit in a room and listen to a rep from the Yankees say disparaging things about him, all in the name of saving less than $1 million. Wang's agent had better warn him not to take what the rep says personally, like other players have done in the past. Good luck, Wanger.

The Lady

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