LADY AT THE BAT: Clemens Has a Bad Outing

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens Has a Bad Outing

Roger Clemens gave up two home-runs today and it cost him the game. First, Andy Pettitte's affadavit and parts of his deposition were revealed and they definitely confirmed Brian McNamee's assertion that The Rocket used performance-enhancing drugs. Second, the nanny the Clemens Family employed during the time of Jose Canseco's barbecue confirmed that Clemens did show up at the festivities that day.

The nanny's hit might be ruled a foul ball since she doesn't speak English very well. But for now, it stands.

All kidding aside, this hearing was (not surprisingly) split along party lines. In general, the Republicans were on The Rocket's side (Rep Burton, a Republican from Indiana accused McNamee of a string of lies, but neglected to point out that those lies were to media outlets and not under oath to a government committee.). The Democrats seemed to support McNamee.

I was listening to "Mike & The Mad Dog" during the hearing's break and heard them say that Clemens is a staunch Republican, has ties to Bush and probably has donated a lot of money to the Republican Party. I wouldn't be suprised if any or all of that were true.

So, the battle is over. Too bad the war isnt.

The Lady

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Unknown said...

This whole thing really makes me a little sick to my stomach.