LADY AT THE BAT: Lady's Choice 2008: The NL West

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lady's Choice 2008: The NL West

It's snowing here in the Bronx right now and as I look out my livingroom window I can see that the baseball field at Roberto Clemente State Park has turned into a winter wonderland. It seems as if the weekend warriers will never get their chance to play in the sun. Meanwhile, TCM is showing Pride Of The Yankees right now. I guess someone remembers that Spring Training has started.

Anyway, let me begin my Lady's Choice 2008 Series with a look at the NL West:

Although some people picked them, the Diamondbacks surprised a lot of people last year (including me) by winning this division. This year they have just about the same team, with the exception of Dan Haren, who replaced Livan Hernandez in the rotation. (I'll believe Randy Johnson when I see him.)

I love Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki and Matt Holliday, but the Rockies played over their heads toward the end of the season. Well, not that far over them.

I'm not that impressed with the Padres pitching: Will Greg Maddux still have it? Is Trevor Hoffman still a reliable closer? Plus they have some age at first base in Tony Clark, as well as in the outfield with Jim Edmonds and Brian Giles.

This is a big year for the Dodgers and an even bigger year for Joe Torre. With all the talk here in New York about how easygoing Torre was with the Yankees, and how this hurt the team the last few years, it'll be interesting to see how his managerial style translates to a National League team. Any player who needs structure will not do well under Torre. That includes Esteban Loaiza, who had no work ethic as a Yankee.

The Giants will celebrate 50 years in San Francisco this year and Barry Zito will be their opening day starter. Need I say more?

So things should turn out just as they did last year. Here is The Lady's Choice for the NL West, 2008:

1 Arizona Diamondbacks
2 Colorado Rockies
3 San Diego Padres
4 Los Angeles Dodgers
5 San Francisco Giants

The Lady


Unknown said...

I think the Rockies are going for blood. We saw them play last June in Denver, and if they can keep the team they have...they are going to be a contender still...and not look so pathetic in the World Series.

Anonymous said...

If they can keep the team they have.... That's always the big question.

Victor said...

When Torre took over in New York, we had no idea what to expect. I am a long-time Cardinal fan, and we thought he was a great Cardinal player but only a mediocre manager (he had about a .500 record with us and with Atlanta, and he managed between Herzog and LaRussa). He apparently is a great manager when he has great players, an organization willing to spend money. I don't know why the Mets didn't hire him (since he is a New Yorker and played for the Mets on the '69 Miracle team). I think he, along with their pitching, puts the Dodgers over the top, and I don't like saying this, since I have lived in Santa Cruz for 11 years now and have acclimated (the Giants are my #2 team and I hate the Dodgers more than the Cubs). He arrived in the other supermegamedia market with a culture of losing in spite of spending beaucoup bucks and turned it around and I think he will in LA.
I think you are right-on in the Central -- the Brewers are intriguing, the division is weak. I play corkball with a bunch of Californians and two other STL transplants. We are betting on who will win the most games (Cards, As, Giants). I think all 3 will be last place teams, with a chance to lose 100. Dodgers, Brewers, Mets, and Phillies. Those are your playoff teams. Arizona just can't score runs. I loved Byrnes with the As, but if he's your best offensive threat you will not go to the postseason two years in a row. You have to score 1 run to get a win, and I'm not sure they can manage that. I think everyone in the West except SF has a winning record, but the Dodgers will win with about 90. The Brewers will only win about 88 but beat the Cubs by 2-3 games. The Reds might break even; they are a little better. The Mets and Phillies will have the two best records in the NL, but I have no idea who will win the division, but both will make the playoffs with 90+ wins.