LADY AT THE BAT: Mattingly's Wife Arrested

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mattingly's Wife Arrested

I just read in an article that Don Mattingly's wife, Kim (left), has been arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. The arrest happened after she refused to leave her husband's property.

Mattingly and his wife filed for divorce in November. Now we know why he was moved from Dodgers hitting coach to special assignment coach last month due to "family reasons."

I'm shocked. I guess I shouldn't be, though. It's just that for years the word around Yankees Universe was that Mattingly and his wife were very happily married. Now he's reduced to being put on "special assignment" and his wife appears in the scariest mugshot I have ever seeen.

Years ago I went to Boston to see the Yankees and Red Sox play at Fenway. I stayed in the same hotel the Yankees stayed in and, one night during the trip my friend Lisa and I happened to be eating dinner in the same restaurant as Don and Kim Mattingly. Their oldest son (and only child at the time), who was just a baby, was with them. They looked very much in love, with each other and with their baby. I'll always remember that scene. This current scene will take an awful lot of getting used to.

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