LADY AT THE BAT: Posada Believes Clemens

Friday, February 15, 2008

Posada Believes Clemens

"I’m supportive. He says he never took it and I’m behind him 100 percent. Rocket is one of my favorite teammates ever. It doesn’t take anything away from what he did. For me, he’s the best pitcher I ever caught and it doesn’t change that.”--Jorge Posada [LoHud Yankees Blog]

Well, well. Jorge Posada is in Roger Clemens's corner. Does that mean he'll shun Andy Pettitte? Posada says he'll support Pettitte as well but that remains to be seen. A lot of fans believe the lefthander's teammates will, indeed, give him the cold shoulder treatment. However, if the Yankees know what's good for them, they won't do that. While I don't believe, as others do, that the team has no chance if Pettitte doesn't perform well, there's always the chance that things will be difficult when you depend so much on a young rotation.

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