LADY AT THE BAT: Speedy Rodriguez?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Speedy Rodriguez?

Has Alex Rodriguez forgotten how he responded to the media last season? He spoke as little as possible and for the most part, had no issues with them. Now he's already caused a stir by exaggerating when making comments about being tested for PEDs last year. Or, was he exaggerating?

I didn't think anything of it when A-Rod said he'd been tested nine or ten times last season. I don't know much about the testing program so I took A-Rod at his word. Then I read on Peter Abraham's blog that "...a player being tested for stimulants would get tested exactly nine times." Those extra tests would occur only if the player had already tested positive for stimulants.

The Yankees had A-Rod issue a statement which included the following: "I was not tested nine or 10 times last year. I was just using exaggeration to make a point." Exaggeration? This is a guy who finally seemed to get it last year, whom I thought had turned the corner when it came to choosing what and what not to say to the media. What? He forgot everything he learned? I find that very hard to believe.

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Dear A-Rod

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