LADY AT THE BAT: Wang Joins The Club

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wang Joins The Club

Chien-Ming Wang lost his arbitration case yesterday and will earn a 2008 salary of $4 million, instead of the $4.6 million he was seeking.

Join the club, Wanger. That makes four. Nats infielder Felipe Lopez, Rockies pitcher Brian Fuentes and Astros pitcher Jose Valverde lost their arbitration cases this week as well.

I'm wondering if this 0-4 showing has anything to do with the Mitchell Report. Not that I'm suggesting that any of these guys cheated in any manner, but perhaps this is part of the fallout. You know, "guilt by association" or "one bad apple...."

Anyway, Wang has nothing to cry about. According to a statement from Yankee president Randy Levine, after making $489,500 last year, Wang "received the highest arbitration award ever for a first-time arbitration-eligible starting pitcher." Now let's see if he can be the ace everyone thought Job Chamberlain was going to be this year.

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