LADY AT THE BAT: Will Bonds Play In 2008?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Will Bonds Play In 2008?

I can't believe there are teams out there that are actually interested in signing Barry Bonds. The Rays admitted they were interested and at least one late-night talkshow host thinks he'd be a good fit with the Mets.

Bonds in Tampa Bay sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Bonds in Flushing sounds like World War III.

The Tampa Bay Rays are a team on the come. With pitchers like Scott Kazmir and James Shields, along with other up-and-coming young players, I think they'll have a better record than Baltimore this season. Barry Bonds would only be a distraction to them.

That late-night talkshow host was Gordon Damer, and he thinks the Mets need Bonds because there are question marks in their lineup. The question marks may very well be there and he probably could help the Mets. But then there's the New York Media. For me, Barry Bonds and the New York Media add up to nothing but trouble.

In fact, Barry Bonds and any city's media add up to nothing but trouble. Even if he ends up playing in Kansas City, you can rest assured that all the major media outlets will suddenly have beat reporters in Kansas City.

The best thing for Bonds is to retire, so we can all say, "Bye, bye, Barry!"

The Lady

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blogger said...

Hey Lady, great commentary and review ; we had this story nailed weeks ago.

Barry and the Rays are "a match made in .... somewhere....!!!!

It is doable. Keep the faith!