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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lady's Choice 2008: The AL East

In most people's eyes the Red Sox are the favorites to win the American League East this year. The assumption is that they are superior to the Yankees: their starting pitching is better, they have Manny and Big Papi in their lineup, they have Okajima and Papelbon in the bullpen and they're dripping with team unity.

The Yankees, on the other hand have two kids (Hughes and Kennedy) in their rotation, along with a veteran (Mike Mussina) who no one is sure about. Although the Red Sox have two kids in their rotation as well (Lester and Bucholtz) I'm a little more willing to give them the edge because of Lester's experience. As for offense, the Yankee lineup is far superior to Boston's, 1 through 9. I don't know if Mariano Rivera will still be effective at this stage in his career, but if he is, the bullpens for both teams are equal, especially with Joba Chamberlain as a set-up guy. But it all goes back to the starting pitching. If it's good, it'll stop good hitting, and I think Boston's, with Beckett leading the way, has a slight edge.

Tampa Bay will definitely finish ahead of Baltimore and even will give Toronto a run for its money; they'll challenge the Blue Jays for third place.

So here's the Lady's Choice 2008 for the American League East:

1) Boston Red Sox
2) New York Yankees
3) Toronto Blue Jays
4) Tampa Bay Rays
5) Baltimore Orioles

A word about the Wild Card: I know that I neglected to choose an NL Wild Card winner and I'm still not sure who to pick, but I'm going to go ahead and pick the Yankees as the AL Wild Card. They'll slug their way into the playoffs with their power lineup.

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