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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lady's Choice 2008: The NL East

Well the new site is still keeping me very busy, but I did manage to sit down this morning and analyze the 2008 NL East.

Here in the New York City area, Met fans seem to be panicking over the injury bug that has landed down in Port St Lucie. Unless Johan Santana gets hurt and Pedro Martinez fails in his comeback from surgery, they're wasting their time. They do have some questions with their lineup, but their refusal to go after Bonds, Sosa or Lofton won't hold them back that much.

Both the Mets and Phillies seem to be trying to become the National League's version of Yankees-Red Sox. I don't think there's enough bad blood between the two teams for that to happen. I also don't think the Phillies are as good as the Mets, this year or last year. Everyone knows the Philliles didn't win the division last year; the Mets lost it, thanks in large part to Tom Glavine, who has gone back home to Atlanta. Now that he's back with the Braves, I believe he'll pitch well. In fact, though it's a little long in the tooth, I like their rotation more than I like Philadelphia's.

The Washington Nationals look like a powder keg to me. I still can't get over the fact that Elijah Dukes and Lastings Milledge are on the same team. Then there is Paul Lo Duca with his mouth and Dimitri Young, who I'll admit, was able manage himself and his demons last year. However, this time around Young could end up in a diabetic coma before the end of Spring Training. I know virtually nothing about their pitching, which probably isn't such a bad thing. I know even less about the pitching of the Florida Marlins. Again, probably not such a bad thing. The only person I think is worth paying attention to on the Marlins is outfielder Cameron Maybin, who Detroit was forced to give up in the trade for Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera. Maybin looks like a pretty good-looking player.

So, here is The Lady's Choice for the 2008 NL East:

1) New York Mets
2) Atlanta Braves
3) Philadelphia Phillies
4) Washington Nationals
5) Florida Marlins

The Lady

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