LADY AT THE BAT: Sore Shoulder For A-Rod

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sore Shoulder For A-Rod

Due to a sore shoulder, Alex Rodriguez is the DH in today's Spring Training game against the Houston Astros. It's not a big deal. The Yankees are just being cautious. It it were the regular season he'd be at Third Base today. As I write this, so far so good. He's 1-1 with a double.

Except for Jorge Posada (lateral muscle) I believe there are no other Yankees who've been injured so far in Spring Training. It's a different story for the Mets, however. All their injuries are unnerving to Met fans, to say the least. My friend Paula, a huge Met fan, is (jokingly) calling for the team to set up a hospital wing next to the dugout at Shea Stadium.

The Lady

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