LADY AT THE BAT: A Time For Team Unity?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Time For Team Unity?

As I write this the Red Sox are probably getting ready to land in Japan for their Opening Series with Oakland. All the hoopla has died down. Their coaches will get their stipends. The Red Sox are one big happy family. A united front.

This is why this team wins World Series.

Yeah, right. Here's how it's playing up in Boston:

Actually, I commend the Red Sox players for their actions. I'm also half-disgusted by their greed. According to Gordon Damer of 1050 ESPN Radio, the Red Sox players wanted to make sure they each got the $40,000 that each Yankee player got for going to Japan a few years earlier. What they didn't realize was that the entire pot for the team trip to Japan was less than it was for the Yankee trip, which meant there wasn't anything left for the coaches and staff.

How's that for team unity? Ridiculous.

The Lady

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Unknown said...

This whole thing was absolutely ridiculous.