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Monday, March 3, 2008

Without A Pot To Pitch In

The Cardinals will be letting Sidney Ponson use their facilities on Thursday to show scouts what he has. Tony LaRussa wants to "keep an open mind," so Cardinals scouts will also be taking a look at Ponson, who has slimmed down to 245 pounds. My guess is that unless Ponson's changed his attitude and work ethic, it'll be a big waste of time.

Ponson's not the only pitcher hoping for a chance in 2008. Get a load of these names:

Tony Armas, Jr
Freddy Garcia
Kyle Lohse
Jose Mesa
Eric Milton
Jeff Weaver
Jay Witasick
Ron Villone

Do any of these hurlers deserve a pot to pitch in? Most of them don't but I'll bet they'll all get their chance somewhere at some point this season. Good luck, guys.

The Lady

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Oh man, I was joking with my co-workers about the Ponson talk from yesterday. Speaking from experience (when he started the 2007 season with the Twins) they won't want him.