LADY AT THE BAT: The Farewells Begin

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Farewells Begin

Seeing a Major League game in person is always vastly different than staying at home and watching it on television. At least, to me it is. I would imagine that my friend Nancy feels the same way. As we watched the final Opening Day game at Yankee Stadium last night, we were both concerned about Chien-Ming Wang's lack of sharpness on the mound. His sinker didn't appear to be that great, he was helped out by spectacular catches made by Melky Cabrera, and he seemed to be in trouble in almost every inning.

I tried to stay up to watch the replay of the game last night on the YES Network and, before I fell asleep, I realized that Wang hadn't pitched that badly after all. He'd actually pitched very well. Also, this morning all of the articles about the game talked about Wang being solid in his Opening Day start, throwing seven strong innings for the win.

Yankee Stadium is filled with so many memories and so much emotion that you can't help getting caught up in it while you're there. As a Yankee fan, you get so close to the situations while you're there that you cannot see the bigger picture. Every bad play looks worse, every missed play seems like the end of the world. I'm sure it's like that for other fans at their own home ballparks, but it's magnified at 161st Street and River Avenue in the Bronx.

There are 80 games remaining in The Stadium, 80 more chances to get caught up in all those memories and all that emotion. I can't wait.

The Lady

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Nancy said...

Thanks for the plug in your blog. Great post. N