LADY AT THE BAT: Manny Kills Moose Again

Friday, April 18, 2008

Manny Kills Moose Again

Manny Ramirez had his way with Yankee pitching again last night. Mike Mussina had a game plan and, because he couldn't locate his pitches, he couldn't follow it. That plan included pitching Manny inside. Those pitches were left out over the plate and Manny made Moose pay.

Part of me wonders if Moose just didn't want to pitch Manny inside. He's an older pitcher who's well-known for being a man who's set in his ways and doesn't like to change. During the YES broadcast last night, Michael Kay seemed almost convinced that Mike Mussina didn't pitch inside because he couldn't face up to the fact that his stuff isn't fast enough to leave out over the plate. Al Leiter disagreed, pointing out that most pitchers can't leave pitches out over the plate. He feels Moose still can be an effective pitcher in the League, while Kay gave the impression (to me, at least) that Mike Mussina is toast.

By the fourth inning Mussina was gone. Eventually the seventh inning came and, with it, came Kyle Farnsworth. Everyone who follows the Yankees knows Farnsworth is not a fan-favorite. Last night he earned some points, though, when he threw a pitch behind Manny's head. Now, throwing the pitch behind Manny's head was wrong. He could have ended the guy's career. However, the fact that he made Manny uncomfortable in the batter's box for a change makes you forget about the danger behind it. Manny seemed to understand. He had a smile on his face after the pitch and, according to, after the game he told reporters, "You know, we hit one of the best players last night [Alex Rodriguez], and I guess they want to send a message. They need to back up their players, and they did." (Manny grounded out later in the at-bat.)

I'm glad Manny got the message. Apparently, Peter Gammons didn't. He was on Mike & Mike In The Morning today calling for Farnsworth's suspension. Oh, please.

The Rivalry continues July 3rd at Yankee Stadium.

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