LADY AT THE BAT: A Tale Of Two Returns

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Tale Of Two Returns

Joba Chamberlain suffered the first loss of his ML career last night when he gave up the winning run in the ninth inning against the White Sox in Chicago. The man who drove in the gamer winner? Joe Crede. There's an interesting article in the New York Times today about Crede's return to the White Sox after suffering debilitating back problems. That return might be short-lived, however, as this Scott Boras client appears headed for free-agency at the end of the season.

There will soon be another return, of sorts. baseball analyst Harold Reynolds was hired yesterday by SNY, the TV network owned by the New York Mets. We all know that HR was fired by ESPN over a year ago over complaints of sexual harassment, and we're all wishing that we knew exactly what happened at "the worldwide leader." We'll never know, of course, but I think everyone is in agreement that Harold Reynolds is an incredible talent and "Baseball Tonight" hasn't been the same in his absence. As I've said previously, I hope that, if there was a lesson to be learned, he has learned it. Good luck, HR.

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