LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees vs Red Sox 2008: Round 3

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yankees vs Red Sox 2008: Round 3

Phil Hughes got roughed up last night as the Red Sox beat the Yankees to take the first series of the year between the two teams. However, Hughes is not the young Yankee pitcher I'm thinking about right now. My mind is on Joba Chamberlain and his dad, Harlan.

Apparently, Mr Chamberlain collapsed in his home last night and is in critical condition right now at a Nebraska hospital. Joba found out at the end of the game and reports say he broke down in tears. He did not travel with the team to Tampa Bay last night and is expected to head to Nebraska to be with his dad.

Harlan Chamberlain's health struggles have been well-documented since his son joined the big club late last season. I was so happy for him when he got to see his son make his Major League debut. Hopefully he'll get to see Joba make more appearances this season and for seasons to come.

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