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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Blow-Up Doll Blow Up

There's a lot being said about what the White Sox did the other day with those female blow-up dolls. Here's my take on it:

Things like this go on in clubhouses and locker rooms all over sports, but they're usually kept behind closed doors, away from the public's view. The White Sox had no female reporters covering them that day (and they were in a visiting clubhouse as opposed to their own, where family members would likely be). So, they thought they were away from the public's view. Unfortunately for them, they were not. Now they're being labeled as sexist. Please. They used poor judgement, that's all. What they did does not necessarily mean they're a sexist bunch. It just means they're professional male athletes.

I'm not saying that, if I'd walked into that clubhouse I wouldn't have been offended. Of course I would've been. But I doubt the dolls would have been there if they'd known I was coming. To me this is like doing something in the privacy of your own home and being interrupted by unexpected guests.

A big blow up over nothing.

The Lady

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